The exciting new Beacon Commercial offering continues the same tradition of quality assurance that you'll find in our Beacon Lighting retail ranges. From stylish architectural pieces in the Wing series to the functionality, energy efficient Hi Bay collection, our new product ranges offer something for every commercial, retail or residential setting. Switch onto us today.


Italian by design, Fabbian is recognised throughout the world for its innovative use of shape and form, carefully selected materials and stylish, contemporary designs. Each unique piece in the Fabbian collection has been created by the worlds most esteemed and awarded international designers. Fabbian boasts 46 years of research, designs and innovation in the lighting field and we're proud to bring you this range featuring: matchless pendants, flush fittings, wall brackets, downlights, exterior lighting, table and floor lamps.



Fozz is a European developed and French-designed brand, offering the latest in energy saving lighting technology with stylish and innovative designs suitable for both residential and commercial applications. The extensive Fozz range includes, downlights, spotlights and exterior lighting, all fitted with the latest 15,000 hour Megaman cutting edge energy saving globes, providing hassle free lighting for up to 15 years.


Leading the way in design-savvy office lighting is Lumbency, an Austrian-German based company with a worldwide reputation and distribution. Their superb aesthetic combines with state-of-the-art engineering practice has brought a spectacular edge to their range of office downlights, spotlights, flush fittings and general ambient lighting.


Made to order for the needs of their ever-growing market is the philosophy of this German-Chinese company whose distribution throughout Australia, Asia, America and Europe is increasing thanks to the state-of-the-art products they produce. Renowned for their electrical ballasts, control gear and fluorescent lamps, HEP measures and tests every product in the laboratory before it goes to market so they can guarentee its outstanding quality.



With over 100 years experience in crafting exquisite chandeliers, Schonbek is the leader in their field. Installed in some of the worlds most significant buildings, Schonbek chandeliers can be seen in Buckingham Palace and the White House, creating a real sense of luxury and opulence. All chandeliers are made in the USA from the highest quality Strass and Swarovski crystal, combined with halogen, xenon and LED light to create stunning illuminations, which interact beautifully with interior spaces. The Schonbek Geometrix collection features crystal chandeliers, pendants, sconces, bath bars, track lighting, spotlights and crystal trims for recessed lightiing.



Since 1974, we've been proudly illuminating Australia's homes, offices and businesses with quality products that are rigorously tested and engineered to strict Australian standards.

The entire Beacon Lighting range spans four main categories:

  • Lucci: our core collection offering a huge choice of fittings across all types of lighting
  • Romano: an elegant lamp range which is perfect for both hotels and homes
  • Aspire: exclusive architectural and designer pendants, exterior lights and lamps
  • Envirolux: our ground breaking energy saving ranges which cater to our growing number of environmentally conscious customers