IP Rating

IP Rating

The IP rating (Ingress Protection) is an international method used to describe the protection of a fitting to stop the penetration of solid objects or water entering the light fitting. A 2-digit number represents IP ratings on exterior lights AND CEILING FANS.


  • The first digit defines the level of protection against the penetration of solid objects, like dust
  • The second digit defines the level of protection against penetration of water into the housing.
  • The higher the number, the better the protection.


For example: an IP rating of IP44, such as our Altitude and Revolution ceiling fans:


Rated 4 for ingress of Solid foreign objects. This provides protection of persons holding small tools or wires (larger than 1mm diameter) and protection of equipment against objects larger than 1mm (e.g. ball bearings)


Rated 4 for harmful ingress of water. This provides protection against splashing and spraying water from all practicable directions.


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