IC Rating


The IC (insulation contact) rating is a measure used to determine whether a recessed downlight is suitable to come into contact with building insulation. 


LEDlux downlights have met the requirements set out in the AS/NZS standard 60598.2.2:2001 and are classified as IC rated. View our IC rated range below.


An IC rated downlight can come into direct contact with, and be abutted by building insulation. 


IC rated diagram


A downlight without an IC rating cannot come into direct contact with, or be covered by building insulation. 


Non IC diagram


Technical information
As set out in Amendment A of Australian & New Zealand standard AS/NZS 60598.2.2:2001, an IC rated recessed luminaire is described as;


1. A closed luminaire that allows building insulation to come into contact with its sides and to cover it; 


2. Type IC recessed luminaire can be used together with building insulation that can safely be exposed continuously to temperatures up to 90°C may abut and cover the luminaire; Note: The insulation material must be glasswool insulation batts type, with maximum R-value 3.2. 


3. The declared IC rating is based on the default testing ambient temperature 25°C according to the standard.


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