Garden Lighting Tips

From courtyards to backyards, Aussies love their great outdoors. And with Easy Connect Garden Lighting, transforming any outside space is quick, affordable and easy.


Our 3 and 6 light outdoor kits are pre-wired for safe DIY installation, and can be placed along pathways, gardens or used to highlight key features in a garden. Hugely versatile, the easy connect garden lighting system is suitable for all LED 12Volt installations on spike spots, bollards and step lights.


You can also choose from 3 transformer sizes, 10watt, 28watt and 80 watt to suit the application.


All the connections are IP65 rated, which prevents the penetration of solid objects or water entering the light fitting.


The use of LED lights mean greater energy efficiency – perfect for when lights may be left on for longer periods of time. (Note: Easy Connect Garden Lighting is not suitable for halogens)


Once the lights are placed in a garden or pathway, the cables can be easily hidden underneath stones, dirt or whatever is in the garden. Then all you have to do is plug the cable into the driver and you’re done. Easy!