Panel Heaters

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Keeping warm during the colder months is easy with new DIY Thermapanel Eco Electric Panel Heaters.


The slim, compact Thermapanels can either be easily DIY wall mounted or freestanding. Cleverly designed with the fan at the top – unlike traditional heaters with the fan at the base stirring and spreading dust particles from the floor – airflow is allergy-free and asthma-friendly.


You can also save as much as 50% on your heating costs with Thermapanel's efficient design and 24-hour timer/thermostat control.


DIY, energy saving, silent, safe to use around children and pets and covered by a 3-year warranty – no wonder they’re one of the hottest heating options on the market.


Which size Thermapanel is right for my room?

Thermapanels are available in 1000, 1500 and 2000 watts. Choose the right heater for your room in two simple steps.

Step 1: calculate your room size in square metres – e.g. a room 5 metres in length x 4 metres in width = 20 square metres

Step 2: multiply square metres by 100 watts – e.g. 20 square metres x 100 watts = 2000 watts 

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