How Do I Submit a Quote?

1. To submit a quote, go directly to the My Quote page, or you can create an account for the website.

By creating an account you will be able to move through the quote process faster, plus you can view and create your own projects that can be shared with your colleagues or clients.


2. As you browse through the site, you can add items to your cart from the Category Page by selecting the Quantity and ‘Add To Quote’. Or you can add to your quote directly from the product information page.


  • Please note that, prices on the website are RRP only. Your quote will be based on your companies needs and quantities required


3. To view your quote you can access this directly from any product pages or from the My Quote icon found at the top of the website. Simply click on the ‘My Quote’ icon where a small menu will appear allowing you to view the products you have selected.


  • Please note a small selection of your products will appear in the menu – at this point you can delete any or all of these items by click on the red ‘X’ button.


4. When viewing your quote, you can:


  • Continue shopping to add more products
  • Change quantities or add remarks (click ‘Update Quote’ if any changes are made)
  • Or simply submit quote


5. Once you have carefully viewed your quote and contact details, click Submit. Your quote will then be sent to your respective Commercial office location based on your state.

  • Please note: If you have logged in with an existing account, your details should already appear in the form. Otherwise, you will need to enter your details manually.


6. The Commercial team will respond to your quote within 48 hours.