Ceiling Fan Tips

At Beacon Lighting you'll find Australia's largest range of ceiling fans, from decorative styles to slimline designs that blend effortlessly into any interior. But with so much to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the right fan for your room.


Now we've made it easy with this infographic guide to choosing the perfect fan!


Find the perfect ceiling fan


Save energy with fans
Ceiling fans provide a natural energy saving cooling solution. Most ceiling fans use only about as much power as a 60 watt light bulb which equates to less than 3 cents per hour to run.* Ceiling fans will save you money in utility bills in both the winter and summer months.


Ceiling fans in summer - view video on how to cut your air conditioning costs by up to 40%:



Ceiling fans in winter - view video on how to reduce your heating costs:



In the winter months, you should run your ceiling fan in the reverse mode. This pushes warm air up against the ceiling and then down the walls, gently re-circulating warm air through the room. This technique has been proven to lower heating costs by as much as 10%.*

*The calculations on costs and savings are approximate only and may vary according to fan size and use of fan.


Extra fan tips:

Outdoor areas
Fans located in outdoor areas should be protected from the elements, therefore are only recommended for outdoor rooms or alfresco areas. Outdoor fans must not be exposed to water under any circumstances and must have at least 2 walls of protection from wind.


Ceiling Height
If you have ceilings above 3 metres, you may require an extension rod. All Beacon Lighting ceiling fans come with an optional extension rod, our standard size is 900mm but you can easily cut them to suit your requirements.


Recommended Installation Height
Any ceiling fan should be at least 2.1 metres from the floor to the blades of the fan and at least 300mm from the ceiling.


Remote Controls
Have the convenience of being able to control the light and action of your fan from a remote control. Each Beacon Lighting fan can be installed with a receiver which means that when installing a fan into an existing light point there is no need to run an extra wire to control the fan, as the remote does everything for you. Remote controls are an optional extra.


If you have further questions, check out our ceiling fan FAQs.


For professional advice on choosing ceiling fans, click here to book one our of Bright Designers for an accredited in-home lighting design consultation.